Senior Passport / Wellness

Senior Passport is a comprehensive benefits program offered exclusively by Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center (WNJ), designed to serve the needs of seniors 55-plus. From health screenings, exercise programs and wellness classes to exciting travel opportunities, enjoyable social events and special discounts at local retailers, Senior Passport is the complete program for seniors. From personal attention to special services, we are committed to meeting the needs and lifestyles of active seniors.

Special privileges during hospital stays
While being cared for at WNJ, Senior Passport ensures your stay is as comfortable as possible. As a Senior Passport member, you will receive one guest meal coupon per day and a newspaper delivered to your room each day of your stay.

Our special senior advocate as the coordinator
The most important aspect of Senior Passport is you. With this in mind, we have staffed a special senior advocate as the coordinator of Senior Passport to aid you in your decisions. Our coordinator is dedicated to giving you the personal attention you deserve and understands the unique healthcare issues concerning seniors.

Membership card for discounts at local retailers.
Your card is quite an asset while you are out on the town. Receive discounts at many of the area's fine local retailers just by showing that you are a Senior Passport member.

Educational programs
Senior Passport's wonderful team of physicians and support staff is dedicated to the education of Senior Passport members. From classes on general wellness and more specific health issues, you will find these discussions helpful and full of relevant information. Senior Passport also offers various exercise programs in which one of our excellent instructors will lead you to a program that caters to your fitness needs.

Health screenings
As a senior, it is very important to stay on top of your regular checkups and screenings. With Senior Passport, you will have the advantage of receiving many free health screenings throughout the year, such as blood pressure checkups, diabetes screenings and more. These health screenings can be extremely important in early detection and prevention of serious health risks.

Special activities and travel opportunities
These are the years you should live to their fullest. And, thanks to the Senior Passport, you can embark on new adventures. With many exciting travel opportunities, picnics and other enjoyable get-togethers and outings, there's never a dull moment with Senior Passport!

Monthly Newsletter
Keep in touch with the many events and activities going on with Senior Passport's monthly newsletter. With complete schedules of speakers, exercise classes and social activities, the Senior Passport monthly newsletter is your connection to all that Senior Passport offers.

More Choices
Your Senior Passport is available in two different levels of service to meet your exact needs. Visit the Benefits Page for details about the plans available.

Begin your journey today. For more information about Senior Passport or to enroll in the program call (903) 870-3630. You may also download or print the enrollment form here.