File of Life
File of Life

Here's how the program works:

  • Pick up a File of Life kit at Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center or at KXII.
  • Fill out the medical form and place a clear, recent photo in the File of Life along with your completed form.
  • Place the file on your refrigerator. Put the supplied sticker on your front door to tell Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel that your File of Life is inside.
  • If you have to call an ambulance, the EMS team will see the sticker and know where to find the file. If you go to the Emergency Department on your own, take the file with you. 
  • The Yellow Dot kit goes in the glove box of your vehicle for emergency situations while out on the road.  Place the provided sticker on the driver's side rear window.

You can pick up your File of Life and Yellow Dot at the WNJ Information Desk in the main lobby or at the Emergency Department lobby desk.