Behavioral Health Services
What We Provide

Our 12 private bed inpatient facility features a variety of clinical and therapeutic approaches to help create a positive and hopeful outlook for the future of adults facing a behavioral disorder. An extensive evaluation process allows health care professionals to customize an individualized treatment plan.

Adult Program
Our Adult Program provides patients with ways to successfully cope with life’s challenges and facilitate recovery. The program is designed to provide treatment for individuals that:

  •  Are anxious or depressed
  •  Have mood or behavioral disorders
  •  Have thought disturbances
  •  Have attempted suicide or are considered a suicidal risk
  •  Exhibit assaultive behavior due to a psychiatric diagnosis
  •  Are a threat to others

Senior Program
Our Senior Program serves patients 65 years of age and older who are experiencing emotional problems including: 

  •  Depression and/or anxiety
  •  Assaultive behavior as a result of a psychiatric disorder
  •  Acute inability to care for self
  •  Early onset of Dementia and Alzheimer's

To learn more about our Behavioral Health Services or to facilitate a referral, please call us at 903-870-7322.