Best Practices for Patient Safety

When you visit a hospital, the last thing you should worry about is your safety.  To reduce your risks as a patient, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital-WNJ has implemented a number of safety measures.

We participate in the Speak Up program, a simple yet effective set of rules intended to reduce risk by opening the doors for more effective communication between the patient and his/her caregivers. See the JCAHO Speak Up Brochure for more information about this program.

To assist you in decreasing your risks before, during or after surgery, the following JCAHO Surgical Brochure and Recovery Brochure will provide guidance in preparing you to partner with your healthcare providers.

Infections and contagious diseases can pose a significant risk to patient safety. The JCAHO Infection Control Brochure can help you understand the dangers and prevent the spread of diseases.

Finally, we have linked a short video from Emmi Safety that outlines some best practices for patient safety. Click here to learn more about this presentation.

Please report any patient safety concerns regarding the care provided by Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital-WNJ to the Director of Risk & Safety Management at 903-870-4491.